Quality on Wheels: Why Choose Disabled Care and Mobilityโ€™s Used WAVs?

When considering Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs), the choice to purchase from disabled care and mobility offers numerous advantages, ensuring quality, reliability, and affordability tailored to the needs of individuals with mobility challenges.

Rigorous Quality Standards

Disabled Care and Mobility adheres to stringent quality standards when selecting and refurbishing used WAVs. Each vehicle undergoes a comprehensive inspection and certification process to ensure it meets safety, accessibility, and performance criteria.

Extensive Inventory and Variety

Disabled Care and Mobility offers a diverse inventory of used WAVs, including minivans, SUVs, and larger vehicles, each equipped with various accessibility features such as ramps, lifts, and secure tie-down systems. This variety allows customers to find a vehicle that suits their specific mobility needs and preferences.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Choosing a used WAV from Disabled Care and Mobility provides cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or accessibility. Lower initial costs compared to new vehicles, coupled with financing options and potential warranty coverage, make mobility more accessible and affordable for individuals and families.

Customization and Personalization

Disabled Care and Mobility offers customization options to adapt used WAVs to individual preferences and requirements. From seating arrangements to interior modifications and additional accessibility features, customers can personalize their vehicle to enhance comfort, convenience, and usability.

Expert Consultation and Support

Dedicated mobility specialists at Disabled Care and Mobility provide expert consultation throughout the vehicle selection process. They offer guidance on choosing the right vehicle based on mobility needs, budget considerations, and desired features, ensuring a seamless and informed purchasing experience.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

Each used WAV from Disabled Care and Mobility is meticulously inspected and serviced to ensure reliability and operational efficiency. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and ongoing support, Disabled Care and Mobility provides peace of mind that the vehicle will meet expectations for quality and performance.

Environmental Responsibility

Opting for a used WAV promotes environmental responsibility by extending the lifecycle of vehicles and reducing carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new vehicles. It aligns with sustainability goals while supporting accessibility and mobility for individuals with disabilities.

Accessibility Education and Training

Disabled Care and Mobility offers education and training on operating and maintaining used WAVs. This empowers customers with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the functionality and safety of their vehicle, promoting independence and confidence in daily mobility.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Disabled Care and Mobility, customer satisfaction is paramount. The team is dedicated to addressing customer needs promptly, providing transparent communication, and fostering long-term relationships built on trust, integrity, and respect.

Community and Advocacy

Disabled Care and Mobility actively participates in advocacy efforts to promote disability rights, accessibility, and inclusive transportation solutions. By supporting initiatives that improve accessibility standards and empower individuals with mobility challenges, Disabled Care and Mobility contributes to a more equitable society.

Future Innovation and Advancement

Embracing technological advancements and industry innovations, Disabled Care and Mobility continuously improves its offerings to meet evolving customer needs and preferences. By staying at the forefront of mobility solutions, Disabled Care and Mobility enhances quality on wheels for individuals with mobility disabilities.


Choosing Disabled Care and Mobilityโ€™s used WAVs ensures quality, affordability, and reliability in accessible transportation solutions. With a commitment to rigorous standards, customer satisfaction, and community support, Disabled Care and Mobility empowers individuals with mobility disabilities to navigate life with independence, confidence, and dignity. Discover the difference in mobility with Disabled Care and Mobilityโ€™s trusted selection of used WAVs tailored to your unique needs and preferences.